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Preconstruction is the most critical phase of any project. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff works with the client team to define expectations and assess the needs of those who will ultimately occupy the space.

Starting a project with an appropriate budget, efficient and accurate schedule, and a high performing team which will provide a great design and document insight is what we commit to deliver with our pre-construction services. The pre-construction team at KCM has a long history of providing a full spectrum of preconstruction services. We offer an array of preconstruction services to make certain the entire team has access to the most complete cost, scheduling and constructability information to facilitate your chosen project delivery method.

Services provided during Preconstruction include:

  • Develop estimates and conceptual budgets
  • Provide value engineering
  • Analyze the best means and methods for your project
  • Analyze design feasibility
  • Manage logistics and develop construction phasing plans
  • Create long lead procurement strategy

Kanin Construction Management’s specific business purpose is to encapsulate the extensive experience and access to resources of the Crystal Consulting Group of Companies as we serve our clients end-to-end construction management needs. As a builder’s builder, we understand what it takes to achieve success before, during and after construction.

With an immense portfolio of projects in hand, we have the necessary experience to undertake large-scale complex construction projects. Clients can put their trust in Kanin and their team of experts.

We are here to work with you in a friendly, and consultative manner. Kanin will share our experiences at every phase of the construction process. As we initiate and plan the project, we will work with you to find ways to reduce cost, define timelines, specific scopes and reduce potential risks. During project execution, you will find us to be diligent and transparent construction managers. We believe in a policy of no surprises and work hard to have open real-time communication channels and project reporting. Given that Kanin is also part of a group of companies with many of the trades,you can count on our very real world attention to detail.

The best project initiation is when there are no surprises. Kanin will work with their clients to document the project as much as possible as early as possible and critically define the responsibility of each partner and stakeholder in construction. The early attention to detail always serves to ensure a better project outcome.

John Shoesmith, with over 50 years of construction and construction management experience provides expert guidance and leadership on all projects.

Our planning process is thoughtful and inclusive as we work to establish reasonable budgets that accurately reflect the design requirements, desired timelines and agreed scope. Together we will define the team requirements and resource accordingly. Gauging risk and implementing mitigation strategies starts from day one.