Client satisfaction is our utmost priority. At KCM, we understand that our clients have limited resources to dedicate to their capital projects. Our goal as a Construction Manager is to lessen the burden placed upon our clients by providing single point accountability for all project work.

The KCM team manages all aspects of the building process from its inception, while the client retains full financial control of the project. We make it a priority to ensure a consistent level of communication is met across all project participants and consultants.

KCM will work towards finding desirable and economical solutions to all question, issues or problems during each phase of construction.


We understand that large-scale construction projects are multi-faceted. The complexity means that every detail is important, that you invest in the best team and that your operations are integrated. During construction, we commit the necessary project and construction management resources to ensure orderly construction without surprises. Kanin’s management teams work closely with owners, architects, engineers, trades, contractors, suppliers and consultants to provide the integration in all stages of the construction process.

Our Health and Safety and Quality Control and Assurances programs are integral to the smooth running of construction operations.  These programs are set in place at project initiation and run through all phases of construction. Our health and safety policies and procedures seek to recognize potential hazards early and protect all construction site personnel and visitors from those hazards. We believe in being proactive and fully prepared to real-time in the event of any health or safety incident. All who are associated with the project must meet the qualification and criteria that are set out at the beginning of the project in our Quality Control and Assurance policies and procedures. We are rigorous and diligent in taking fast corrective action. Delivering quality is an active process and is a fundamental Kanin pillar.

Kanin construction services include:

  • Project planning
  • Construction estimates
  • Project scheduling
  • Preconstruction services
  • Procurement services
  • Construction management
  • Project management
  • Trades management
  • Site supervision
  • Green / LEED building
  • Quality control and Assurance programming
  • Project specific health and safety programming